We are an established dog grooming service with many years experience and training and all our staff own their own dogs and passionate about what we do.


Our family run business was first establish in Dorset, and later moved to Cambridge in 2011.


We offer breed standard styling for register KC show dogs and pets or a bespoke styling service according to the owner's instructions.


We hold a First Aid accredited qualification if required, which we pride ourselves we have not yet.

 Frequently Asked Questions 






Hand Stripping





Face & Feet trim


Puppy Socialisation

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For Dogs & Cats

Q:  How often should my dogs nails be


A:  How often you exercise your dog.  The

      more he is walked on the pavement or

      hard abrasive surface the less visits to

      be trimmed

A:  Every 6-8 weeks is ideal

Q:  Can I use any type of

      shampoo to bath my dog?

A:  No you cannot.  The PH

      balance in human shampoo can have

      an adverse effect on the skin and

      possibly cause a reaction or


Q: Should I brush my dog

     between salon visits?

A: Yes definately, this reduces matts and familiarises the dog to brushing and allows you to check for parasites or

health problems.

Q:  How often should i brush         my dog's coat?

A: Daily is always good, the more

     profuse the coat the more frequent

     the routine. Always check you are          using the correct tools for the job

Q:  My dog is nervous how can I

      make the visit less stressful

A:  We encourage owners to bring their

      dogs to the salon before their

      appointment to familiarise them

      with the environment and staff and

      reduce stress 


A: A good walk first helps to calm them