Training you for a career in Dog Grooming


Knowing how to handle a dog or cat is as important as knowing how to groom them.  Incorrect handling can make the job difficult, stressful or even impossible to complete.  Correct techniques and recognising the body language of the dog and responding with positive corrective signals is possible with Happy-Paw UK techniques.


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Looking for a new career, want to become a qualified Dog Groomer


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We offer full training, hands on experience and business know how.


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Training Programmes

What is included?


Assessing the dog - Behaviour & Temperament

Health & Safety - You Dog Staff Public

Knowing the Law - Legislation


Brushing out the coat - correct tools

De-matting - how to safely remove matts

Handling - Avoiding conflict

Preparation is key! - 

Bathing - Which shampoo and why?

Drying techniques - Fluff, Straighten or Volume?

Styling the dog - Breed standards and styles

Which method to achieve best results?

What is included?


Anatomy and Physiology of the dog

Hand Stripping the coat

Good Customer Service



Body Language of the dog - Communication

Desensitisation Techniques - Safe Methods

Business Basics - running your own business

Sales and Marketing - Being Seen

Business Branding - Logos

Upselling - Profits

First Aid

City & Guilds Level 2 (7763-02)

City & Guilds Level 3 (7863-03)